Thursday, April 29, 2010

Skipping A Story But Still Hanging On

Still No Gum...but also...No story today, just
a blinding migraine for the last 22 hours & 
counting. The new medication they changed
to for my migraines does nothing at all to
help the pain. I think these HMO's are just
out there to torture people on purpose.
They couldn't leave me with Maxalt that
actually worked, but had to change to a
cheaper generic brand of something else
that I had to pay for but that does not even I pay to suffer the the pain of an
excruciating migraine for a few days...No
working on anything today...just had to post
to stay in the running for 21 days straight.
It's Excedrin P.M & back to a dark room
to cope with the pain until it passes...forget
the lousy generic drug I had to pay for.
My doctor will hear about this for sure.
It's so frustrating.

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