Friday, May 01, 2009

A Moment Of Time...Continued

A Moment of Time...Continued
A moment of time is there for just a
moment, sometimes only a
fraction of a second
A moment of time really cannot be
continued on like my title portrays.
It stops when the moment is gone
Just my thoughts on a
'Moment of Time'
are continuing.
The click of a shutter can happen 
 four to eight times per second.
Quite a few moments can be immortalized
in that one brief second.
(If one has a camera
with which to capture it.)
That 'Moment of Time' will be handed
downto children, grandchildren,
great-grandchildren, etc.
Memories made with family and friends...
A picture captured for all time.
Just a 'Moment of Time' turns into
a jewel, treasured by the giver and
receiver alike. That 'Moment of Time'
is remembered forever.
Captured By...
The Digital Artist
©2009 Susan Reynolds

p.s. In the photo above my husband and I
took a walk on the beach at Bodega Bay
so that I could take a photo of our
 footprints in the sand.
Just as I turned to take the picture,
a wave came up and washed most
of our footprints away leaving
just a few.
Hence the caption...
A Moment of Time.
©2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist