Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures From the Simply Divine Creations of God

~ I love spending Time with my Family...
My Husband's Hands...
and his Tender Loving Care...
My Daughter's Beautiful Smile
and her Eternal Optimism....
Remembering William,
my Only Beloved Son...
His Brilliant Smile...
The Echoes of his Laughter and
All of the Crazy Things He Did...
I love The Art of Photography to
Capture Moments of Time and
 Turn Them into Life Treasures...
The Simple Things in Life
like Fallen Leaves Sparkling
with a Morning Frost...
Walking Barefooted on the Beach...
Fluffy Down Comfortors and 
Cozy Down Pillows...
Lying in a Meadow in the
Spring to Watch the
Clouds Change Shapes...
Seeing Someone's Face Light
up with a Smile when I
Show them their Portraits...
Writing...whether it is Journaling,
Life Quotes, Songs,
Letters or Poetry...
Music for the Soul...
Trying to play the Piano...
A Good Book...
Secret Gardens...
Making Memory Books
(I refuse to call them
Scrapbooks because
there is Nothing Scrappy
 about Precious Memories)
Cozy Fires on a Rainy Day...
Having the Courage to Dive
in Head First on a Hot Summer
 Day Instead of Taking 45
Minutes to Get in Up to my
Waist (my family loves to
tease me about this -
You'd have to know the Story!)
and Finally...
Learning to Live Again
 after Losing our Son...
It has Not Been
an easy Journey...
but I think
I am Finally on my Way...
©2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Our Last Christmas Together

Remembering Our Last
Family Christmas Together
This was the photo I used for our
Christmas Cardsin December 2004.
Little did I know that it would be
 the last Christmas our familywould
ever be all together again...
On December 2, 2005 early on that
stormy Friday morning, our son,
William, went missing while
on his way to work in the foothills of
Auburn, CA. We searched desperately
for him that day and the following
three days with help from family
and friends, church members
several detectives, the police department
 and the California Highway Patrol...
there were even helicopter searches
done from was reported
on the news and we gave a press
release pleading for the public to help
with the search for our only son, he 
had just turned 19 years old...
We passed out thousands of fliers,
posting them everywhere we could...
The agony of the unknown was
unbearable....Calls to his cell-phone
went straight to voicemail...
Where could our baby be?
One of the detectives had stopped
on the I-80 and Highway 49 and
had given out several of the fliers
to the Cal-Trans (California Transportation)
Highway workers. It was late on Monday
afternoon that the detective got
a call from some Cal-Trans workers
stating that they had found evidence
of a blue car that could possibly be
underwater....they had found the
door of a blue camaro and pieces
of it literally spread down the hill
and towards the embankment of
water at the bottom of the ravine.
A dive team was called in...the California
Highway Patrol refused to let us
anywhere near the sight and
made us go up to a waiting point....
even thoughmy husband and I begged
them with tears streaming down our
faces, to allow us to stay there until
they could bring the car up...
they refused and made us leave the
side of the highway and go to the
waiting point at the Combie Rd exit.
With our hearts full of fear, unsure
of what they would find we did as
 they said...we waited over an hour,
and my husband finally went back
up the sight where all the emergency
equipment was working with spoglights
because by this time it was pitch black...
as black and cold as our hearts felt while
we were waiting. They sent him back and
we all huddled there with blankets with
family and friends awaiting the news of
what they would find....I remember
so well just keeping my head down
in a blanket and sobbing out to God
"Please God have mercy...Please God
have mercy and don't let it be our
William in those icy waters...Please
God have mercy"It was a long time
later when I remember a voice in
saying to us in a hushed tone...
"It is William...He has been positively
My stomach heaved, my head was
spinning, my heart was exploding in
millions of pieces and I remember
hearing my husband screaming "Nooooo,
Noooooo, Not my son...Not my only son...
Noooo...Not William...Noooo"
After that I woke up in the hospital...
they told me I fainted, but I
don't remember anything after hearing my
husband screaming...I don't remember
anything else except waking up the next
morning...It was light in my bedroom
and I could hear people talking....
and the only thing I could think of was
"WHY didn't anyone wake me up??? Why????
I need to be helping to look for William...
I need to find my baby...I cried out and
my husband ran into our room...
I couldn't understand why he didn't
wake me upso I could help look for
William....I started crying and asking
him why he wasn't looking for
our son while it was light outside...
that we had to find him before another
day passed....My husband...he was
patiently trying to tell me...But I didn't
remember the night before...All I
 remembered the next day was that we
needed to be out there searching
for our son...I became hysterical when
he didn't seem to understand that Will
was missing and that we needed to be
out looking for him..
Finally my husband took my arms and
shook me and said"Honey....we found
William.....we found him last night."
I remember that part clearly....looking at
my husband like he was speaking another
language...I couldn't seem to comprehend
what he was saying.
I remember then trying to get away,
saying, "Where is he?"
"Where is my baby....I want to see
my little brown boy!" That is when he
told me that William was in heaven with
Jesus...He wasn't cold or hurting
anymore...He kept saying that our little
boy was now safe with Jesus...
It hit me then...the memory of that voice
behind me saying "It is Willam....
he has been positively identified."
That moment of time changed our
 lives forever...The heartbreak has been
so intense...The perfect circle of our
lovely little family was broken forever.
It has been four long years since that
fateful December... and yet it still cuts
like a knife...wounds that will
never heal, because William is gone
from us here onearth....Yes the light of
his love lives on in our hearts...
We see the ghost of his radiant smile....
we hear the echoes of his laughter...
we see the mirages of his crazy dances
and antics that would make everyone laugh....
we listen for the music that came from
his talented, beautiful hands...
The reflections of everything he personified
and embodied will live on in our hearts
forever...His zest for life...his love for
anything extreme and wild...His amazing
capability of bring joy and laughter
everywhere he went, His musical talent....
it is all tucked away....treasures
 to remember. Treasures in the darkness
of my December night, 2009.
We are trying to have a semblance of
Christmas this year for the first time since
December 2004, which was our
 last Christmas together as a family...
Trying to pick up the shattered pieces
of our hearts...Trying to live again...
for our daughter's sake...She
didn't just lose her brother...she lost
her best friend.
Charlotte Grace Miquelle Reynolds...
we love you and we are
trying hard to live Will did...
happy and smiling.
And in loving memory of our only son...
 William Vincent Alexander Reynolds

9/28/86 ~ 12/2/05
Our “Will”
Forever With Jesus
Forever Cherished
Forever Loved
Forever Extreme
Forever Happy
Forever Smiling
Forever Adored
Forever Remembered
Forever 19
Forever Young
Forever in our Hearts
Forever Will
If our love could have kept you alive…
You’d be alive still…We miss you so much!
Our lil brown boy…
We love you
with all of our hearts and souls
Dad, Mums & your sissy, Charlotte
Take extra photos of your loved ones
every chance you get, not only during
the holidays...but all of the time.
Make vidoes often...we never had a
camcorder, so we have no videos of our
only son...and that hurts so badly.
Make as many memories as you can....
Because you will never know when it
is the last photo of them you will ever
take. Make your moments in time last
beyond a lifetime. I know how important
it is to record and cherish every
Moment in Time with Loved Ones...
I know too well...

William with his 'big-little' sister, Charlotte,
during our last Christmas together...

Me with my two shining Jewels....
My crowning Joy!

My wonderful husband Matt, and One Proud Papa!
Will seems to be hearing heaven calling...
"Do You Hear What I Hear?"

William (in red), Charlotte...Josh (Char's Fiance)

4ever Young~4ever In Our Hearts~4ever Will
If our love could have kept you alive...
You would be alive still!
XOXO to Heaven Sweet William!
© 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Friday, December 11, 2009

What was I thinking when I titled this photo?
It feels like the past several years have led
me in a direction that looks like it's headed nowhere...
Hence the title.
So even though the last few years
have not been good years for me...
I realize that I must
refuse to allow that to
hold me back.
I defy fear from keeping me down.
I'll get up again in 2010,
I'll face my heartbreak
and find
Beauty in the Ashes
I am determined to stand up to mediocrity,
Fly in the face of adversity,
and defy limitations
until I can attain and
revel in excellence.
© 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A White Christmas

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas...
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten
And children listen
To hear...
Sleigh bells in the snow
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases
Be White
©1942 Irving Berlin

I don't know if I can bear to write
Christmas cards
Even now after four years....
Yet my wish for all of my loved ones
My friends...For Everyone
May your days be merry and bright
Even if your climate does not allow them
To be White
©2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Power Of The Spoken Word

I'll have to admit I've been rather remiss
In posting to my blog.Life gets in the way.
Things bog one down.
"A word fitly spoken
is like apples

of gold
in settings
of silver."
Proverbs 25:11 (KJV)
So you see friends, it does not take
profound thoughts or words
full of complex knowledge
and intellectual matters...
No, just a few words
fitly spoken can bring
soothing to a wounded heart
healing to a broken spirit
And perhaps joy to some
soul whom has lost hope...
Let us endeavor every day
To speak "a word fitly spoken....
for they are truly as
Apples of Gold
in Settings of Silver"
Proverbs 25.11 (KJV)
Giving wealth untold
to the receivers of these words
The Digital Artist
Susan Reynolds
© 2009 my best friend in all the world...
I just want you to know how very
much I love you...
I could never live a day without you!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Your Life-Song Sings To Me

Will's Drums
My Son...My Son
My only beloved Son
Your Life Song Sings To Me
I love you Forever and Always, Will
p.s. I am working on a montage
of the instruments you played...
Oh, If I could only have you
in the photos again...
Your hands are the most
beautiful hands I have ever seen...
The hands of a true musician.
© 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tied In Knots

Tied In Knots
Do you ever feel like your life is literally
tied In Knots?
No matter how hard you try
you can't get the knots untied...
I know the feeling and it's not a very good one
But...the good news is that
there is a Higher Power
that can untie the tightest of knots
clean up the messes...
make the crooked places straight,
and make a way where there seems to be
We just have to allow Him to do the work
and quit struggling
to try and do it all ourselves.
He wants to help us.
He wants us to believe not only that
HE CAN but that HE Will!
The question of the hour then remains:
Do we...Do I...have the courage to
Just Believe?
© 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Monday, July 06, 2009

Darkness & Light...Black & White With Shades of Gray

Darkness and Light…
Black and White...
With Shades of Gray

If we did not have darkness there

would be no such thing as light.
If there were no night with its

blackness, there would be no
need for the light of dawn and
the birth of a new day
Without darkness, we could not

comprehend the miracle of light.
As in the miracle of life and light
around us, the human soul 
also needs light.
Do we dare to step into the

dark to search for the Light?
Do we dare to reach into

darkness to coax another soul
towards the light?
Photography is one of the most

well-known displays of
Darkness versus Light.
Even in the pitch black of a

dark night the stars will shine to
give their bits of light.
If we are patient enough we can

capture a full moon in the
blackest night sky
complete with star trails... 
A beautiful display of...

Black and WhiteWith
Shades of Gray

 © 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Contemplating Black and White

Contemplating Black and White
Light and and white.
Black is comprised of no color at all,
while white is comprised of
all the colors in the spectrum.
It seems odd that black is not a color
but white is.
Black = darkness and no color at all,
while white = light and all the colors combined.
What about black and white photography...
Is it just a picture of the light?
Photographs are made with light and need light...
but so does the human soul.
Light...If you have it, even a small amount,
a photograph can be made...
If your soul has even a small amount of light...
you can make your way through the darkness
towards the Light
The Light that can fill your very soul
with life and the courage
to face tomorrow.
© 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Light vs. Darkness

Light vs. Darkness

Light as opposed to darkness in
photography causes a subject to
become discovered or revealed...
it can be a favorable, pleasurable
discovery or one that brings a flood of
sadness and tells a story of heartbreak.
In either sense, it illuminates our
senses to the very real world around us.
I seek also to illuminate the soul with
the light of our Creator through
my photography.
 © 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Friday, May 01, 2009

A Moment Of Time...Continued

A Moment of Time...Continued
A moment of time is there for just a
moment, sometimes only a
fraction of a second
A moment of time really cannot be
continued on like my title portrays.
It stops when the moment is gone
Just my thoughts on a
'Moment of Time'
are continuing.
The click of a shutter can happen 
 four to eight times per second.
Quite a few moments can be immortalized
in that one brief second.
(If one has a camera
with which to capture it.)
That 'Moment of Time' will be handed
downto children, grandchildren,
great-grandchildren, etc.
Memories made with family and friends...
A picture captured for all time.
Just a 'Moment of Time' turns into
a jewel, treasured by the giver and
receiver alike. That 'Moment of Time'
is remembered forever.
Captured By...
The Digital Artist
©2009 Susan Reynolds

p.s. In the photo above my husband and I
took a walk on the beach at Bodega Bay
so that I could take a photo of our
 footprints in the sand.
Just as I turned to take the picture,
a wave came up and washed most
of our footprints away leaving
just a few.
Hence the caption...
A Moment of Time.
©2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Moment Of Time

A Moment of Time
A daydream come to life...the sacred
bond between parents and their children
A smile...A first step
The bubble of spontaneous laughter
Clasped hands
A look that says what words cannot say
Secrets shared between friends and lovers
A hug
The flash of a twinkle in one's eyes
Joyful gatherings full of cherished memories
A kiss
Tender whispers filled with love
A wistful wave good-bye filled with
promise of a homecoming
A tear drop falling silently on a downcast face
A comforting arm offering hope for tomorrow
A shoulder to lean on
So many moments of our life
Here but for a small fragment of eternity
Here today...Vanished tomorrow
All withing a moment of time can be captured by more
than just our memories
For they say that a picture says a
thousand words...I say maybe even more
That is why I strive to bring out the artist
that lies within me...The Digital Artist
© 2009 Susan Reynolds