Monday, July 06, 2009

Darkness & Light...Black & White With Shades of Gray

Darkness and Light…
Black and White...
With Shades of Gray

If we did not have darkness there

would be no such thing as light.
If there were no night with its

blackness, there would be no
need for the light of dawn and
the birth of a new day
Without darkness, we could not

comprehend the miracle of light.
As in the miracle of life and light
around us, the human soul 
also needs light.
Do we dare to step into the

dark to search for the Light?
Do we dare to reach into

darkness to coax another soul
towards the light?
Photography is one of the most

well-known displays of
Darkness versus Light.
Even in the pitch black of a

dark night the stars will shine to
give their bits of light.
If we are patient enough we can

capture a full moon in the
blackest night sky
complete with star trails... 
A beautiful display of...

Black and WhiteWith
Shades of Gray

 © 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

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