Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Moment Of Time

A Moment of Time
A daydream come to life...the sacred
bond between parents and their children
A smile...A first step
The bubble of spontaneous laughter
Clasped hands
A look that says what words cannot say
Secrets shared between friends and lovers
A hug
The flash of a twinkle in one's eyes
Joyful gatherings full of cherished memories
A kiss
Tender whispers filled with love
A wistful wave good-bye filled with
promise of a homecoming
A tear drop falling silently on a downcast face
A comforting arm offering hope for tomorrow
A shoulder to lean on
So many moments of our life
Here but for a small fragment of eternity
Here today...Vanished tomorrow
All withing a moment of time can be captured by more
than just our memories
For they say that a picture says a
thousand words...I say maybe even more
That is why I strive to bring out the artist
that lies within me...The Digital Artist
© 2009 Susan Reynolds