Saturday, June 27, 2009

Contemplating Black and White

Contemplating Black and White
Light and and white.
Black is comprised of no color at all,
while white is comprised of
all the colors in the spectrum.
It seems odd that black is not a color
but white is.
Black = darkness and no color at all,
while white = light and all the colors combined.
What about black and white photography...
Is it just a picture of the light?
Photographs are made with light and need light...
but so does the human soul.
Light...If you have it, even a small amount,
a photograph can be made...
If your soul has even a small amount of light...
you can make your way through the darkness
towards the Light
The Light that can fill your very soul
with life and the courage
to face tomorrow.
© 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Light vs. Darkness

Light vs. Darkness

Light as opposed to darkness in
photography causes a subject to
become discovered or revealed...
it can be a favorable, pleasurable
discovery or one that brings a flood of
sadness and tells a story of heartbreak.
In either sense, it illuminates our
senses to the very real world around us.
I seek also to illuminate the soul with
the light of our Creator through
my photography.
 © 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist