Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Stranger Within Me

A Stranger Within Me

I don't what or who I am
Don't know myself at all
Don't understand, it's all a sham
Yet I'm with me for the long-haul

I wonder where the woman went
The one I used to be,
It's a stranger there within the glass
Who's staring back at me

Tears replace the smiles these days
Heartaches rob my peace
Will this stranger ever go
To give me sweet relief

I never thought and could not know
Or dare pray tell foresee
I didn't know there'd ever be
A stranger within me

© 2011 Susan Reynolds

Friday, March 11, 2011

There Is Still A Dream

After this early morning's horrific earthquake
and tsunamis in Japan and surrounding
areas...we can only hope, pray and
lend a helping hand to the thousands
of people so tragically affected by this event.
When suffering is at it's peak and all
around us is devastation, trials or
storms of life...we need to hold to
God's unfailing hand and remember this:
There Is Still A Dream To Believe In...
And maybe we can even
Dream In Color once more.
Photo courtesy of my daughter: Charlotte