Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Stranger Within Me

A Stranger Within Me

I don't what or who I am
Don't know myself at all
Don't understand, it's all a sham
Yet I'm with me for the long-haul

I wonder where the woman went
The one I used to be,
It's a stranger there within the glass
Who's staring back at me

Tears replace the smiles these days
Heartaches rob my peace
Will this stranger ever go
To give me sweet relief

I never thought and could not know
Or dare pray tell foresee
I didn't know there'd ever be
A stranger within me

© 2011 Susan Reynolds

1 comment:

  1. to simply divine photography writer: i want you to know that this poem you wrote titled 'a stranger within me' touched the very depths of my heart and soul. i can understand where you are coming from. i came from a physically abusive home growing up & then married someone I thought I knew well, but turns out i didn't know this person at all-he was verbally abusive to the point that i now hate myself. after a very ugly divorce and custody battle (which i lost because of my work schedule only) i feel like an empty shell filled with nothing but regret, mourning the loss of my 3 daughters who now live across the country from me, and have begun to believe the ugly things that were said about me all my life. i am not the person i used to be either and the person i see staring back at me in the mirror every morning is like what you wrote, its just a stranger staring back at me every single day. i want to follow your writing because maybe we can make it back to that person we used to be, in a way like online support. so many things you have written have helped me and i just needed to say thank you and please don't give up writing and posting your life journey on your blogs, i saw your son's from the link 'missing will' and it broke my heart. What you are writing will help many people that you may never ever meet. i know you have helped me through many a hard day. thank you for sharing your life with the world. it is brave and courageous of you to do this. i don't want to sign my name. i'm sorry for that, but maybe someday i will be brave enough to do that, but for now just call me 'the stranger'.