Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Thing...21 Days

1 Thing...21 Days Without It...What Will Happen?
"They" say it takes 21 days to break a habit or form a new one. I'm attempting to prove it true or false.
I have a habit...almost an obsession. No it's not drugs or drinking. It's pretty innocent unless (back in my day) you were caught chewing it in school.
It's gum. That's right three letters of one little word that I think I can't live without. I always have to have some. Of course I have a favorite brand, but I'll settle for any kind, and it's better if it's sugar free. It makes my mouth feel cleaner even though I floss and brush several times a day. I guess I could be addicted to dental floss too and you'll never find me without some in my bag; however, that is one thing I'll never give up because it's good for me.

I don't always chew the gum sometimes it just sits in my mouth - it also keeps me from clenching my jaw so tight when I'm up all night. If I don't have gum in my mouth when I'm up editing or typing in the middle of the night I find myself clenching my teeth so hard it makes my jaw ache so I keep gum in my mouth. Trident most of the favorite is the bright green package called Watermelon twist. I've even used the package taped to a post when trying to focus on the lettering during a self-portrait exercise, which as you can see the gum wrapper is focused and I am not - so that didn't work too well. and now I'm trying to rip it out of my life. What am I getting myself into?

I'm already feeling the angst associated with withdrawal. I'm feeling anxious, and upset, kind of up-side-down and in-side-out. I know that sounds ridiculous about being less than 24 hours without having any gum in my mouth...but it's true. I'm so tempted to text my hubby and ask him to bring me some I hid my cell phone from myself to keep me from doing it. I've already flossed and brushed 3 times today and used Listerine mouth wash 6 times, even though it states on the bottle it's good for 12 hours. Pathetic isn't it! How can gum and the lack of it control me so much?

There are definitely some reasons why I've become so attached to chewing gum...why I feel more in control when I have some...why it helps me feel more confident...relaxed, but I won't divulge them in my first goes a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g way back into my childhood and those stories will come out during these 21 days of going without any gum at all, sugar-free or not. Some of the stories make me laugh, some of them make me sad....I know it sounds weird, and I have my doubts that 21 days will cure me of the habit, but at least I'm going to try....and maybe it will even take some courage to make it through the next 21 days... 

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