Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gone For Now...But Not Forgotten

Day 2 of 21 days is Almost Over and most of it was spent in oblivion due to being bed-ridden by pain and nausea....for once this has been a blessing in disguise when the longing for a mere piece of gum is overwhelming...and yes my jaw is very sore from clenching my teeth all night long while unable to sleep at all last night ~ No gum to keep my jaws from being clenched.

I don't have the strength tonight to tell the first story of my memory from childhood about my I'll give a just a photo of the last package before my 21 day attempt to go without to see if it's true about habits being able to be broken or made in that 21 day time frame....

Here is a lame photo of my favorite choice ~ gone for now ~ but not forgotten.

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