Friday, April 23, 2010

3 Days Almost Down...18 To Go

I must learn to QUIT clenching my
teeth, my jaw hurts like crazy.
I've yet to slip...though the
temptation is strong. I found this
wrapper in the waste-basket by
my desk...took a photo of it with
my cell phone like I did the outer
wrapper yesterday.
Still don't feel up to the first story...
a migraine is wracking my head
like a hammer pounding, so
maybe tomorrow.
Just had to keep on writing, a
bit every day towards
 the 21 day effort to make or
break a habit. In this case, break
the habit of chewing gum, and
make the habit of writing
 every single day.
"Dio caro mi aiuta a essere
di successo in questo sforzo."

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