Friday, February 19, 2010

Facing Reality...COURAGE (R = REALITY)

I need to clarify something about the
previous post. I am not looking for
sympathy or pity...almost everyone has
suffered a loss of some kind in their
lives. The object of my last post was
having the courage to face the
photograph that gave proof
of the REALITY of my own heartbreak
and how I am learning to face
it and in the process try to understand
how to live again...despite my heartbreak.
It has been a long 4+ years...and
the process will take many more.
I'm not giving up on life...just giving in
enough to allow myself to really feel the 
hurt and to process the pain, so that
eventually healing can come.
So now that I come to think of it,
after an email from another mother
that lost her word for
the letter R in COURAGE would have
to be REALITY...learning to face the
REALITY of that photo and the
REALITY of that tragic accident that
took away our only beloved son.
I must face REALITY instead of trying
to hide from it if I shall ever gain
Facing this REALITY has put me
under for almost three weeks. It is
truly a long, hard journey...down
this road called grief.

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  1. Susan, Go ahead and write it all out! Continue to write and cry and scream if you have to. At least you are feeling. Because you know what your are feeling and are able to express it, you will continue to heal. If you had no feelings after 4 years, you would be in trouble in a different way. Keep writing and writing. My prayers are with you, Michelle