Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Rest Stop

I must take a break from courage....
One really cannot do that, I know,
I'm not making a U-Turn and going
the other direction...I'm just stopping
at a much needed  "rest-stop"
along the way. I've been burning
the candle (or the log) at both
ends and I just feel used up.
My soul is weary beyond belief...
the cares of life are overwhelming
me, the grief has flooded up again
and there is no strength today
to least not right now.
Giving up is not an choice.
Breaking down is out of the
question. Giving in is not an
option. I may have stopped
to rest a while and re-fuel
for the grueling journey ahead,
but I have not given up...
I'm just too tired right now
to press on...more later.


  1. Susan, I think of you often. Don't worry about being "too" serious. You are just being who you are in the place you are in. I pray rest for you tonight (oh and tomorrow, too!).

  2. Thanks sleep yet and just so tired but it won't come for some reason...Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.