Friday, February 05, 2010

What Do U Do With a U When U Are Afraid To Be Looked AT?

What Do U Do With a U
When You're Afraid Others
Might See You Fail???
What Do U Do With a U
When it seems evil eyes are all
around waiting for U to mess up?
It's time to take the letter U out of
courage and see what can be attributed
to this letter that has anything to do
with courage. I've thought long & hard,
scoured the dictionary thoroughly &
found quite a lot of words that could
fit. But, which one will best fit my
journey to finding courage?
It's's three little letters
I need to learn to USE the gifts that God
has given me. I need to believe that He
gave special talents to me for me to USE
& not 'hide them in the earth' so to speak.
I need to understand & believe that I am
unique as an individual with a special
 purpose in life that no one else can fulfill. 
I need to realize that it is ultimately up to
 me to make use of these gifts, to learn not
 to care who is watching & waiting for 
me to fail, because those type of people
will always be out there, so I must  
learn to overcome my fear of failure, 
& put myself out there leaning on the
unfailing arms of my Heavenly Father
to keep me from falling....I must learn
to believe in what God entrusted 
to me...I need to USE the gifts that 
He so willingly bestowed upon me. 
My past does not cannot 
make me fail unless I allow it to.
For the first time in my life, I feel the
urgency in my soul to truly USE every
talent, every gift that God has given me.
"To not use the talent that God
has given us is to abuse it."
Quote © 2009 Susan Reynolds
So for me it will indeed be a journey
towards courage while learning 
every day to use the gifts that I have
been so graciously blessed with. 
I need to quit being afraid of who
might be watching and just USE it!
So Look All U Want...
Stare Me down...but I won't
back down. Why?
Because I will be USING the
courage God is building in me.
© 2010 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist



  1. Great post Susan! Have you seen the project I started ( It's all about USING photography for God's glory.

  2. Hi Rhonda...I posted a comment back to you in return for some reason it's not showing up here!
    Love your philosophy and that is what I try to do with my photography and actually where I got the name from...trying to portray the Simply Divine creations of our Almighty God through my I just put photography to words that maybe I might help someone going through the same thing...
    Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a message!