Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What Inspires Me?

What Inspires Me?
Most of all...The Word of God

The Look of Love in
My Husband's Eyes...

His strength and courage 
through not just the good
times but the hard times too...

My daughter, Charlotte, with her beautiful
smile, her words of encouragement
to me everyday...Her charm and poise...

Memories of my son William, his laughter,
his music, his zest for anything extreme...

Music inspires me,
and the memories of music
as it echoed through our home...
made by my daugther and my son...

Books of all kinds...Old and New
Give me Inspiration

I am inspired by journals of
Yesteryear and days gone by...

It may seem strange, but
Pencils, Pens and Blank
Paper inspire me

The Beauty of Nature
is a constant source
of Inspiration

The Miracle of New Life Inspires Me
and Words...
Yes, that sounds strange, but it's
true! Words inspire me...
Because words have the power
to encourage others, to speak of
Love. Words can bring strength
to those who are weak in spirit
Words can help to heal a broken heart.
Words have even built nations..
But the most powerful words
ever written come from
God's Holy Word...
My biggest inspiration of all!
© 2010 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist
P.S. Anything even remotely 
dealing with photography
inspires me, too!

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