Friday, January 15, 2010

God's Litte Instruction Book

God's Little Instruction Book I, II & III
Finding quotes from this little book
often helps me overcome a situation
where I would normally just cave...
You know...the term for giving in?
But so many time I have looked to
this little book with its infinite 
quotes of wisdom accompanied
by verses of Scripture and it
always gives me the strength
to hang on for a little longer.
It helps me not to "cave" or 
"give-in" & let doubt or negative
self talk bring me down. 
So to all of the fine folks that 
published "God's Little Instruction
Book Volumes I,II and III,
I applaud you and & thank you 
for giving me words to live by. 
Quotes from around the world 
to shape my own little world. 
I find many references to 
'Courage'-the word I chose for
'My One Little Word for 2010' 
ensconced throughout the pages
of this little book.
May Courage 'take the reins' so 
speak, during the course of my
life in the year 2010!
P.S. Oh, and by the way, God's Big
Instruction Book is the Bible!
© 2010 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

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