Friday, January 15, 2010

Drawn To The Flame

As a moth is drawn to the light
of a flame, so are people drawn to
any form of light. Light is often
conveyed through art in any form
such as photography, painting,
music or the written word.
I seek to draw people to the beauty
of light through photography
accompanied with the written word.
For the most part, I am a
self-taught photographer. I have
a library of books on the subect
that grows larger every year.
The only "classes" I've taken
for photography have been
online through
I've come a little way since
I first started years ago, but 
through my studies,  I've learned
that one can never "finish"
learning when it comes to the
art of photography or anything
 else for that matter.
Some may argue that photography
is not art, but I will say that it IS!
Photography is the silent language
that speaks to all nations around
the world regardless of where you
were born and raised - no matter
what language you speak. 
Photography transcends every
language barrier in its unique
ability to portray emotion, pride, 
accomplishents large & small,
even the rise & fall of nations
can be told in any language
through photography. 
Photography captures both joy
and sadness. It conveys through the
lens, the life that is seamed with
wrinkles of ageless wisdom, or the 
exuberant physical strength of young
men & women in the prime of
life, as the well as the sparkling
innocence found in the eyes of a child.
It represents a record, in lasting
form, of every life accomplishment 
as well as moments of
phenomenal historical impact.
Without photography, we would
have try to remember every
single exploit and situation that
life has sent our way.
The art of photography gives us 
the ability to capture those
'Moments of Time"
and immortalize them beyond
the span of a single lifetime for
generations to come.
I just wish I could have gotten a
moth, at a flame! But,
since you've all probably seen that
before, you can "picture it" in your
mind...thus...mission accomplished!
© Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

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