Friday, January 08, 2010

I Refuse To Listen!

p.s. I know it's a funky
Photo, but it nailed how
I am feeling today while waiting
patiently for the announcement
on January 8, 2010 goes!
I Refuse To Listen -
to the negative voices that clamor
for attention
in my head...trying so hard to
get in-telling me that I can not
Reach my Dream...That I can not
fulfill my God-given abilities.
I refuse to listen to those voices!
I will think good thoughts...
Positive thinking
Leads to Positive actions
which in turn
leads to positive habits.
I am learning to
Make positive choices
& close my ears and my mind to
those negative voices that
try so hard to get in & struggle
to control my life. I've learned
that many things I have thought
& said to myself were but mere
first drafts of the final outcome
of my life story.
So, the negative ideas,
the memories of past failures,
the fear of future mistakes,
the fear of people looking at me...
these are ALL now 
by the blood of
Jesus Christ
The Greatest Teacher of All Time 
Who forgives...Who Forgets...
Who Empowers me to move on &
up to become the lady He specifically 
molded just For ME to Become.
It is Jesus who renews my strength 
each day...It is Jesus picks me up
when I fall so I can TRY AGAIN! 
It is now up to me to allow
myself to become pliable in the
Master's Hands, so he may mold &
shape me into the Divine Creation
he has designed 'JUST FOR ME'
to become...To aspire to be
the woman He destined me to be...
That is why those negative
little guys you see trying to
get in my head in the photo
above...with their negative
pessimisstic voices...
I refuse them admittance!

I refuse to even listen! Why?
Because I am on a mission of 
Optimism & Courage in 2010
All because of this scripture:
Ephesians 4:29
" Do not use harmful words, but
only helpful words, the kind that
build up & provide what is needed,
so that what you say will do good 
to those who hear you." (GNT)
I am also finding courage from the
people God has placed in my Life,
my precious family and friends,
for putting up with me these
past few years.
I am thankful for Me Ra Koh
who offered the schoarship
which helped me step out of
my comfort zone & back into
the "Real World".
I must also give an extra 
special thanks to my husband,
Matt & my daughter, Charlotte,
my sister, Sherry, Ethie Burns,
Marchelle Myers, & Jean Johnson,
for caring enough to be honest
with me...
(& know who you are)
for standing by me & giving me
a push to get me back to
living again. I also cannot end
this without an extra-special
thank you to Marchelle Meyers
for being completely honest
with me about the negativity
I have lived in for years...
Teaching me about being Positive...
& helping me with the montage.
Without Marchelle, I couldn't
have ever submitted one...
I thank God for all of you!
My husband deserves a
Golden Medal of Honor
for seeing me through &
standing by me throughout
the toughest times of our lives!
You are my hero!
© 2009 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist


  1. Sending you hugs, hugs, hugs! Take care friend. You writing is inspired. Beautiful words, beautiful lady. Please tell me that you are printing these pages as you go. These words will be a treasure for your daughter one day.

  2. Hi Michelle (also known as Tootie) -which would you rather be called?
    I'm following your Window in Time Blog and left a message about your post of things that inspire you! It was beautiful...
    You are gifted with more talent than you know!
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Yes I am keeping all my posts in a file (and backing them up on flash drives/DVD's/and hard paper case of (knock on wood) I have another computer crash...Want to put my ramblings together in book form together with the photography some day to pass on to my little girl! So....thank you so much for taking the time to read and send some positive reinforcing words to a SOAR Sisters - Love you, hon and keep your hopes and dreams up!.....Susan Reynolds of Simply Divine! Susan Reynolds

  3. This is awesome. I love the photo. I don't think an image has to be 'perfect' to be great. It just has to move you. :-)

  4. Thanks Ajira! How true the words are...a photo doesn't have to be perfect! Mine are not for sure! But....If I can move one person with a photo...all the hours spent on making that image are worth it!

  5. Oh Susan - I'm so happy for you and excited that you are thinking POSITIVE. Love you so much and praying that God continues to touch your heart and soul. :) You are lovingly thought of... you know as a teenager how much I looked up to you... beautiful post (and beautiful pictures, too). :) HUGS!!!

  6. Thank you Rhonda...those were the days back then weren't they?! So many memories...I remember the very first time you came with your mom and Christie to the old were so very little! Where has time gone? Your children are now around the age you were when I first saw you! You have a beautiful little family!
    May God bless you and overshadow with His love and grace...
    P.S. Thank you for your kind words, your thoughts and little messages of cheer...but especially your prayers!