Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let it Flow...Let it Flow...Let it Flow

Let it Flow...Let it Flow...Let it Flow
Creativity needs an outlet. We cannot stop
it up or store it behind a dam as we do
with water.
Why? Because it becomes stagnate.
What happens to water as it becomes
stagnate? It becomes stale and foul,
 full of muck and slime from standing.
This is what happens to our creativity
if we let it become stagnate...
It ceases to flow...uninhibited in our
minds. When we stop using our creativity,
it stops stops growing...
it stops advancing.
Our minds become sluggish and dull
while we become incapable of
progressing mentally and broadening
our creative horizons.
The originality of our thoughts and
expressions becomes mired like the
slime and muck of stagnant water.
Our very soul can languish and
slowly dry withers away merely by
being allowed to deteriorate from disuse.
So today and every day...
My goal is to let the creativity flow
directly from the Divine hand of God
Almighty to the very heart and soul
of my being...that my mind will
always be stimulated...impassioned
with the talent and creativity that our
 Creator has instilled within me.
To each person God has given a gift.
A gift meant to be used and shared
with others. Sharing your talents with
others can encourage and stimulate their
own desire to wake up the creative
dreams express themselves
through art, music, the written word etc.

"To not use the talent
that God has given us
is to abuse it." ©2009 S. Reynolds
I dare not to be like the servant that
was given but one talent and hid it in
the earth...he was called wicked
and slothful...the single talent he
had was taken from him and
given to the one that had the most
and the unprofitable servant
was cast into outer darkness.
Matt 25:30 (KJV)
My prayer today and everyday is that I
will strive to the best of my capability
to use the talents and abilities
that God so graciously has given to me.
I want to be one that stands before the
 throne of Heaven some day
and have the Lord say to me
"Well done thou good and faithful
servant, Thou hast been faithful
over a few things, I will make
thee ruler over many things: enter
thou into the joy of thy Lord."
Matt 25:23 (KJV)
(This post is original in content with
the exception of the quotes from the
Holy Bible, King James Version
for which the references were given.)
© 2010 Susan Reynolds
The Digital Artist

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