Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No G for Courage Yet, Just plain Gladness

W've been trying for hours now and I've hit a writer's block I think because there is just so much going on with us right I worked on other things...
Will come back to the G in courage tomorrow...well...later today, since it's already the wee-sma hours of today...I truly never know whether I live in the past, present or future when my days all run together like this...My day never ends so I'm living in your yesterday, yet it's my tomrrow and where in the world did today go? I get rather irrational and vague when sleep deprived.
But need to add a photo since it IS a photo blog...
I'm so thrilled and thankful that my beautiful sister
and best friend in the whole universe is finally coming
home from her stint in that foreign country of Arkansas.
I love you sis...more than you'll ever know!
Does it count if I'm GLAD she's home....
No that's not's just good old gladness!

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