Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missing You My Only Beloved Son

Missing You My Only Beloved Son
I am done for a while...I don't know how long,
but the protection and hibernation mode has set
in and I know it won't be lifted somewhat
until after the first of the year...
Too many memories, too much heartache,
too many lost dreams, too few days
with my only beloved son...
His dear sweet birthday is on
September 28, 1986
and the day he went missing was
December 2, 2005 very early in the morning
while on his way to work in the foothills
of Auburn, CA. For four awful days
we searched frantically for our only son,
with dogs, and helicopters and
detectives, the California Highway
Patrol and Roseville Police Department, 
Cal Trans workers and hundreds of family
and friends distributing and posting
fliers everywhere and anywhere they would
allow us to hang them......His disappearance
was broad-casted on several news channels
as they came to the Roseville Police
Department to hold a press conference
with us, his family...those days will forever
 live in infamy in my heart and mind.
Not a day goes by that I do not think
about how hard we searched for our son...
how we begged God to have mercy and
let us find him we offered to
give our lives in exchange for our
only beloved son....but it was all for naught...
our pleas went unanswered.
The result of that search is too awful
for words right now...I cannot repeat it
even once more....previous posts have
told the story, but I cannot tell it again.
I just want to state that it may be a while
before I post anything anywhere again until
after the first of the year. I will try, but I
cannot promise sorrow and
grief is too great to bear these last
four months of the year...
I love you Sweet William...with all of the
love a mother's heart can hold and then
some more. I long for the day when I will see
you again some sweet day...
it just can't be soon enough...
xoxoxoxo to heaven, special airmail express!
Forever 19, Forever Young...
Forever in our Hearts, Forever Will!

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