Monday, May 10, 2010

Will's Wild-Haired, Giant Bobble-Headed People

Today is day number 20 of my 21 day journey to test out the theory on making or breaking a habit if you do something or don't do something for 21 days straight. I can't believe I've actually made it this long without chewing any gum at all, even when I found a pack of my favorite, Watermelon Twist Trident, in my camera bag in the 'wee-sma' hours of the night! I was frantically
 searching for at least the USB cable to hook my camera directly to the computer so I could take a photo of the card Charlotte made me for Mother's Day in 1990, because in all of my sorting, shredding, filing, burning & trashing of the seemingly millions of tons of paperwork that's been boxed up for over a decade, I could not find any of the three card readers I have...& I was so desperate to get that photo of her kindergarten card on the post for Mother's Day because it was so perfect for the journey I've embarked upon. I finally gave up the search & used my cell phone to take the photo...that way, I could email it to myself to save to my files so I could then upload it to my blog for the Mum's Day. (wow was that ever a run-on sentence...need to brush up my English Grammar when I'm done with the paperwork!)
Back to the story:
I finally succeeded in getting that precious comment & the picture Charlotte drew of the two of us, duly noted in my writings for yesterday.
It's so funny the difference in how children perceive people, and in turn, draw them out on paper.
Charlotte always drew big boxy people with small heads & barely discernible hands and feet, but then she was older and noticed things more. William, on the other hand, drew great big round bobble heads, with enormous wild orange hair (or any other outrageous EXTREME color he was digging at the moment) big smiles and then just a bunch of long uneven legs around the bottom...usually a ton of extra long legs...He was 2 years old when he drew this...the upper right corner is me adding a note that is was drawn on September 7, 1989...just a toddler yet he noticed that people have both upper and lower lashes...I find that an interesting acknowledgement when he has so many legs or maybe they are legs and arms....maybe he drew so many legs because he couldn't ever sit still, he was always on the run to discover new treasures in his own little world. So perhaps he was just thinking if he had more legs he could get to his "fun stuff" faster ~ Who Knows?!?!
Here is a precious picture William drew of one of his wild-haired Giant-Bobble-Headed people with a ton of long legs! (Compliments once again of my cell phone :)   ~  I really need to get the real camera out of its bag & get back to shooting...anyway here is his fabulous self portrait at 2 years old!
He traced over his name & the short sentence: "This is me." Then proceeded to draw this picture. Oh how I absolutely LOVE finding all these treasures from my children's youngest years once more. It sure made the horrid job of filing, shredding, burning, trashing & yet more filing for over 46 hours straight a whole lot more enjoyable!
But...I still have over a dozen more bins to go through from the shed sitting on the back patio...ugh! Hey though, maybe I'll find more & more treasures from my little kiddies made during their childhood, so it might not be so bad.
As for leaving the job of organizing, shredding, burning, filing & trashing for over a decade (Unbelievable, I know) Well, this has been a lesson "WELL LEARNED!"
I will NEVER let a decade go by with out organizing my files & paperwork EVER, EVER, EVER again! Cant wait to "CHECK" this one off of my "TO DO" list...I just love the feeling of accomplishment after that nice
firm "CHECK" crosses off a task!


  1. What a sweet post. That picture is just too cute.:) I hope the organizing is going good.:) By the way I love gum too.:) I would chew it all the time if I had it.:) I just keep forgetting to buy it. LOL:)
    Love you.:)

  2. Hi there Sharon ~ Thanks for taking the time to not just read it but leave a comment too! I love it when people do that :)
    I wonder if the whole gum addiction is in our DNA?!?! lol
    Yes, the organizing is overwhelming, but finally getting done after living here for 11 years...I will NEVER, EVER let it go that long again. Now we shred stuff immediately, pay bills on line, and file what needs to be filed right away, now that the files are organized. But I've still got about a dozen more Rubbermaid bins on the patio to go through! UGH!
    Love you too and give your kiddies a hug from Aunt Suzi :)