Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Mother's Day From The Past

While going through bins and boxes of old
paperwork to be filed or shredded, I came
upon a few precious boxes of keepsakes
from my children and some that were given
to me when my own Mother passed away...
letters and cards I written to her as a child
& even as an adult. She kept & dated them
all, just like I do with my own children.
It's been a rough time, going through
years & years of old paperwork, even finding
 notes that William wrote on the back of
old mail or things like that (now saved
to be put in his memory books)...Sorting,
filing shredding, some stuff dating back to
the late 80's & early 90's. Yes, I put it
off, but now I am also getting it done,
one bin at a time & believe me there are
A LOT of them to go through...why did
I ever let it go this long is crazy, but maybe
someone up above knew I needed to
find that certain card just for today...
There was one Mother's Day card that
stood out to me above the others during my
21 day test of making a good habit of
writing every day & breaking a bad
habit of chewing gum so often.
It was dated 1990.
It was from my daughter Charlotte...she
was just 5 years old. Her kindergarten
teacher had asked her a bunch of
questions about her mom & then wrote
down her answers in each square of 
the card booklet on the page...then
Charlotte drew a picture to go with
each answer.
Her answers to most of the questions
made me smile & then one made me
laugh to the point of tears
It was this question...
"What She does that makes me happy."
(There was a little smiley face there to
 indicate happiness.) Charlotte's response
to her teacher's question was this:
"She gives me gum!"
I guess I took what made me sad in my
childhood, and tried to make my children
happy...I didn't remember that card from
1990 that Charlotte gave me when she
was just 5 years old,
but I guess I made her happy!
It went with my experiment so well,
I couldn't resist adding it today on
Mother's Day 2010, twenty years later....
when I'm in the midst of my own battle
with gum! How fitting a Mother's Day
gift for me today, to know that I made
her happy by letting her have gum!
I love you baby girl, our Princess Charlotte,
& I love you my only beloved son,
My Sweet William...
My Lil Brown Boy up in Heaven.
You both made being a Mum the
sweetest thing I've ever done!


  1. Happy Mother's Day Susan! Praying for you this evening. May you find just a small place of peace as you travel this oh so difficult road!

  2. I went over to Mount Vernon's to spend some time at Will's place...and that is so hard to do, but with God's help, He will see our family through this journey of grief. I put some candy-striped roses from our yard on his place, then went up the hill and over to my Grandmother's place and put the yellow roses on her place...Then I drove over to the Roseville cemtery and left some pink Old English Roses from my garden for my own little mother...they were her favorite flowers.
    The happy part of the day was that I did get to spend a lot of time after my visits to the cemeteries with our daughter and my husband on Mother's day...sweet comfort and love of family. There is nothing sweeter!