Monday, January 07, 2013

Week 1...Finally

A sense of continuous falling through thin air, never hitting bottom...yet bracing for the smattering blow when the bottom is reached because if one fall's one eventually hits the bottom or the ground, right?
Took photos today, but the sense of fascination and expectation was lacking in a big way. I don't know why. Maybe I'm not meant to use a camera anymore. I'm just in a state of shock I guess. It's been so long since I did any "real photography" other than what I do on my iPhone (if that even counts) so maybe it's just going to mean taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, wrestle down my doubts about my ability and just keep on doing it.
So I've posted and photographed...just not the things I wanted to photograph today. I really wanted to finish KD's outfit and take some portraits of my grand baby, but too much happened Saturday to let me do maybe that is part of my disappointment about today's shoot. So much so that I don't even want to download and edit the photos from RAW so that they can be uploaded to my blog or FB.
But I just wanted to make sure that I kept my word...maybe week 2 will bring better, happier, more up-beat photos and posts. After all, what did I expect after a year and three months of no writing or posts whatsoever?!?!

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