Monday, June 06, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request For Matt's Mother

I did not mean to offend anyone with my last post and I'm truly sorry if I did. My only desire with the prior post was to bring awareness to those that are not grieving the loss of a give a little glimpse into the our world so there is not such an awkwardness when we meet or so that they can realize that though we  may have changed, we still love, want and need interaction with our family and friends, though at times our actions seem to imply otherwise.
I send my love to all whom have reached out to our family and other families that have lost a child/children...we are grateful for anything you have done and still do to assist or comfort or help us along this road called grief.
So now, I will go on and write of other things for a while...try to find some new and maybe interesting material to share on my blog.
It's a "No Photo Monday" for me...will try and post photos later....

Our family does have an urgent request: Please help us pray for my Matt (my husband's) mother. She is very ill in the hospital and we need a miracle. We appreciate any prayer support you can offer. Thank you!


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