Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take Time To Smell The Flowers

I am starting The Artist's Way Program today.
So, I'm off for a secret rendezvous with my
inner artist and hope to gain some insightful
wisdom and discover new ways of writing.
Delve into the particular style of
photographic art by trying new things.
In the meantime, take the time to
stop and not just smell the flowers,
but really look at them in all their
graceful exquisiteness.
It will open not just your eyes to their
beauty, but their color and scent will
open a well of peaceful tranquility
within your soul.
~ Enjoy Life Today ~


  1. Such a pretty picture Susan! So colorful and fun! Good luck on your journey.

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  3. Thanks were brought to me from my dear hubby "just because"! He's too good to be true :) Oh & by the way, that first journey yesterday was an all day until 11:00 p.m. It was an Incredible journey...I was scared at times, extremely inspired, nervous during parts on the one-way mountain roads, but I did complete it and oh what a good feeling that was.
    Can't wait to see the pictures I took while on my Artist's Journey Week 1!
    (P.S. Here it is the middle of September and I still have not looked at those photos from my Artist's Journey Week 1...What IS wrong with me?

  4. Actually...I, sadly, was unable to complete even the second week due to health issues and the process of packing up 28 years of memories to move, which has taken much longer than expected.
    So I will re-start this program in January of 2012. God-Willing!